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While users of CBD will share any number of benefits they have personally experienced, the FDA does not allow us to speak to the medical research regarding CBD. We encourage you to do your own research on the topic with those who have your best health interest in mind, as there is plenty of information available and new data emerging every day.

What we can say and do know, however, is that CBD helps to satisfy your body's Endocannabinoid System and therefore, regulate and address the needs of your body to help you feel your best.


That really depends on your body’s needs, as everyone is different.

You may feel more focused or it might help you relax – the key is consistency and making it a part of your daily wellness routine to figure out how it most resonates with you. Most often, users say they experience a gradual improvement in overall well-being. Don’t forget, it’s not habit forming, so for those who are worried about becoming dependent on it, rest assured.


CBD impacts everyone differently at different dosage levels. What might work for a friend may not work for you, as it depends on a variety of different factors. We suggest starting gradually to find your personal sweet spot.

With that said, we often receive feedback that desired effects start somewhere within the 25-50 mg per day range, hence our recommended serving size.


Every now and again, users will report mild symptoms of drowsiness, headaches, and nausea, as they might with any new supplement being introduced to the body. For the vast majority, the answer is no.

Note: consider speaking with a medical professional prior to consuming CBD if you’ve never done so. Ever heard how Grapefruit can impact the efficacy of some medications? CBD similarly can have the ability to change how your body metabolizes certain pharmaceuticals.


The Basics: CBD

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of over 100 chemical compounds, Cannabinoids, found within the cannabis plant family. More specifically, CBD, a close relative of THC, is the main compound found within the hemp variety of cannabis plants. The main difference, however, is CBD is considered non-intoxicating, while THC is considered intoxicating.

Users of CBD report benefits such as decreased stress levels, better mood, deeper sleep, improved energy, greater focus, and reduced aches and pains.

Cannabinoids are a collection of naturally occurring chemicals found throughout the body. Their presence can impact nearly every biological process that takes place.

There are two categories of Cannabinoids – there are Phytocannabinoid, cannabinoids produced in plants, and Endocannabinoids are those produced by the human body. CBD is a Phytocannabinoid.

Both Phytocannabinoids and Endocannabinoids interact with an internal network of cellular receptors throughout your body called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).


First discovered in the late 1980’s into early 1990’s, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is considered the primary regulatory system of the body. You can find cannabinoid receptors all throughout your central (CB1) and peripheral (CB2) nervous system, including your brain.

As part of this discovery, scientists determined your body produces its own endocannabinoids naturally – ever felt a runner’s high? That sense of happiness and well-being you feel after a good run, a fun dance, or hearing and singing along to your favorite song is partially a result of your body’s ability to release Endocannabinoids.

When your Endocannabinoid system is “satisfied”, your body finds itself in a state of Homeostasis – biologically, that means it’s balanced and operating efficiently.


That question really becomes, “what happens if your body isn’t operating efficiently”?

That’s what’s called Homeostasis, or the biological equilibrium of your body’s natural rhythms. If you’re out of homeostasis, you’re unbalanced – not literally, but functionally.

This can impact your immune, cardiovascular, reproductive systems, and beyond. You may not be operating in your body’s optimal state, which could result in trouble sleeping, stress, irritability, aches, pains, and more.


Both Industrial Hemp plants and Cannabis plants come from the same plant, Cannabis Sativa. However, if you were to look at the two versions grown side by side, you would see very different physical profiles that help to contribute to their chemical differences.

Most importantly, Industrial Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC, while Cannabis plants are specifically bred to contain higher amounts of THC, causing the psychoactivity, for recreational and medical use.


Full Spectrum is a category of CBD extracts – other forms are Broad Spectrum, Isolates, etc. In order to be Full Spectrum, all elements need to be present in their natural proportions, unadulterated by any further refinement.

In normal terms, that just means our oil includes the highest level possible of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, and amino acids that naturally occur within the plant. Reason being, each of these are in there for a reason, working best all together for increased efficacy – something called the Entourage Effect.


Each of the elements found within our Full Spectrum oil – the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. – are found within a Hemp plant for a reason. They work in unison to amplify what they bring to the table individually, resulting in a more therapeutically effective product.

The Entourage Effect is just that – the concept that by keeping as many of the naturally occurring compounds found within the plant together, effects will be maximized. This doesn’t just mean compared to other forms of CBD extract, but at potentially lower doses, as well.


Product Questions

Think of our products not as 'flavors', but as targeted specific to mood states.

The ORIGINAL, or “OG”, is just CBD and Honey with no added ingredients – you can take this day or night for any reason you choose, but we like to think of it as our “anytime daily supplement” for general wellness.  If you are looking specifically for the benefits of CBD (Full Spectrum Hemp Extract) then we recommend Original.

RELAX product includes CBD, Honey, Cinnamon, and Suntheanine, which after numerous clinical trials has produced structure/function claims for cognitive, focus, memory, focus, relaxation, PMS, and more. Take RELAX when you just need to take the edge off, have that big presentation coming up that you need to take the edge off for, or when you need just that – to RELAX.

GOOD NIGHT includes CBD, Honey, Blueberry, and Chamomile, which, similar to CBD, contains terpenes and flavonoids that have been used to as a mild sedative to promote sleep, treat insomnia, produce calming effects, reduce anxiety, amongst other sleep related problems. As you can probably guess, we suggest taking GOODNIGHT about 30 minutes before bed to help you get that deeper sleep you’re looking for.


The CBD market today is filled with products that use unhealthy additives like processed sugars, flavorings, or preservatives, which can contribute to your body’s chemical imbalances. When we first began HEMPHONEY, we were on a mission to get people healthy with nature’s medicine. Our goal was to provide a completely natural alternative to medication dependency.

Through years of research and development, we’ve paired raw honey from a Colorado National Forest with USDA Full Spectrum Hemp Extract to create the best tasting, natural solution for Better Days & Deeper Sleep. While that may sound fairly simple, the chemical makeup of such complex ingredients, CBD and Honey, means that each combination of a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and Raw Honey had the ability to produce a drastically different flavor profile. That’s why it took over four (4) years of testing over 40 different combinations of Hemp and Honey to come up with the most delicious, effective, and cleanest product possible.

Together, our raw honey and top-quality hemp is enhanced by other functional ingredients to create a delicious, power packed means to support your overall health. 

Our goal was to create something for those who want CBD without any of those extra additives - a 100% natural delivery system. All while backing a company and product that has an amazing Cause behind it.



That’s a great question. Unfortunately, all we have is a somewhat complicated answer.

In order for Honey to be considered USDA Organic, it must be certified so by the US Government, yet the main issue is there are no current regulations out there that define “Organic Honey”. Hopefully you can see the problem there. As a result, the space is at a little bit of a standstill. Almost all USDA Organic Honey comes from Brazil or Mexico where large tracts of land (5+ acres in diameter) are certified organic due to 'traveling bees.'  Unfortunately though, this does NOT mean BETTER honey... and trust us, we've done our homework.

We could buy and use USDA Organic honey, but at the sacrifice of lesser quality honey! It may sound crazy, but the USDA Organic Honey you buy in Costco and at supermarkets, comes from massive commercial bee farms that make thousands of gallons of honey a year; the care and love small apiaries and beekeepers (like ours) use on a daily basis is simply not there.  We've opted for the cleanest, purest honey we could find from 10,000' above sea level at an elevation and location that would qualify WAY beyond USDA Organic -- just without the fancy label.  

Honey producers and enthusiasts will tell you how nuanced (and costly) USDA Organic honey approvals are... Just a few of the standards that would need to be accounted for are:

·  What the bees eat and drink
·  Where they live and what they live on
·  How they’re treated for parasites
·  How far away any chemicals, pesticides, etc. treatments to other farms/crops are
·  How the honey is processed by the beekeeper
·  And more…

While our Honey meets the criteria, approval on our end is for a later date.


Our CBD comes from our fully vertically integrated farm here in the United States who has control from start to finish. Our high-quality Full Spectrum CBD oil is extracted through a process that helps to capture and retain as many of the naturally occurring components of the CBD as possible. This leads to a full and robust profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, & flavonoids, all giving you a better experience.

The Hemp we use is single origin, hand harvested, organic, non-GMO, and lab tested to ensure the highest quality every time. It’s CO2 extracted, which results in increased efficacy, as it’s able to preserve the full slate of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, amino acids and beyond.


For some quick hits, take a look at the below:

  • Grown Domestically

  • Produced using organically certified CO2 extraction methods

  • State Department of Public Health & Environment – Health Certified

  • Grown with natural organic production practices

  • Pesticide, herbicide and GMO free

  • Certified organic by USDA

  • Certified with Farm to Formulator with a traceable chain of custody


Yes and no. All HempHoney products are Gluten Free, but since Honey is made by Bees, it's not considered Vegan. 

General Questions

Although there are only trace amount of THC (below 0.3% by volume) in our product, we cannot guarantee you will or will not pass a drug test, as that depends on a few different factors.

It’s a function of the specific lab and testing standards, your body and how quickly it metabolizes the CBD, the amount of product you consume, and more.

Note: Our average single serving 25MG dose contains 0.5-0.8MG of Δ9THC. A microdose is generally considered 2.5MG+, which would be 3-5 honey sticks.


HEMPHONEY products are made with Full Spectrum CBD, therefore, they do have non-psychoactive trace amounts of Δ9THC at levels below 0.3% volume – the legal limit.  Full spectrum products are recommended for the incredible health benefits, over an 'isolated CBD' which can sometimes be innefective, or incredibly difficult to dose properly as the effectiveness range is tighter than in full spectrum products.  

However, at that level and our recommended serving size, HEMPHONEY should not produce intoxicating effects in adults. If you know you are more sensitive to THC, again, we recommend starting slow and working your way up to a higher dosage to be safe. At the dosage quantities found in our product, the vast majority of people find they will only feel 'relaxed' or 'sleepy' -- not high.  However, if you start taking multiple honey sticks, or more than a teaspoon of our jar, the dosage you are taking may be considered a 'microdose' of Δ9THC and produce a mild effect. Some are seeking this and are encouraged to experiment to find the right dosage; while others who are not are directed to single servings.

Our lab results will display the exact amount of Δ9THC to understand the minute amounts of this psychoactive ingredient found in our product. If and when experimenting with CBD products, it is great to know exactly how much Δ9THC is present in those products, so you can calculate and cross-reference how small amounts of THC affects you.

Note: Our average single serving 25MG dose contains 0.5-0.8MG of Δ9THC. A microdose is generally considered 2.5MG+, which would be 3-5 honey sticks.


HEMPHONEY currently has three products on the market, with goals to continue to expand that into a full line of daily nutrition support – all focused around CBD and Honey. As of today, our product comes in straws (two packs and thirty (30) packs available) and 1 lb jars (coming soon!)

Pro tip: The straws can get a bit tricky the first couple times, but once you get the hang of it, it should be a breeze.

Hold the honey stick with the end seam (where the straw was pinched closed) vertically in your mouth. Use your other hand to put some solid pressure (we said SOLID pressure!) on the bottom end of the stick and give that vertical seam a good bite close to the end – wala, you’ve got your HempHoney.



There are a variety of ways in which our customers put HEMPHONEY in their beverages. Many people love to add HEMPHONEY to tea or coffee. - RELAX or The Original in coffee in the morning, GOOD NIGHT in their tea in the evening. 

Otherwise, honey is water soluble, so our products will disolve completely unlilke some other forms of digestible CBD. Smoothies, cocktails, and beyond. 

Don't forget to share with us your recipes!



HEMPHONEY retains all it's benefits in pretty much all forms. Some of our favorites are with breakfast - yogurt and granola, drizzled over baked goods, and beyond. You can also cook in the oven, use it on or in baked goods - get as creative as you like and don't be afraid to share your recipes!

Yes! Just the “Original” flavor we recommend adding to your Pet’s food or give them a spoonful and they’ll be able to feel the benefits too. We have many happy pups relaxing on HEMPHONEY daily.



We set out to create HEMPHONEY because we wanted to make a product that used the highest quality, natural ingredients to help people have Better Days and Deeper Sleep. That’s why our partner farm has perfected their process to grow the top-quality CBD out there.

We use to test all our products. After testing with dozens of labs across the United States, we can confidently say Gobi is incredibly accurate and reliable -- guaranteeing our customers safe, effective and quality products.

Every batch is third party tested for:

Cannabinoid potency content - this tells us exactly how many cannabinoids there are per serving.  You will see items listed like CBD, CBG, CDA, THCA, THC.  Each of these cannabinoids has unique health benefits; and so the 'full spectrum' is very important! Most products on the market tested by independent studies are found to be innacurate. We take great lenghts to guarantee our products are what we say they are!

Homogenity - We make sure our products are evenly blended; meaning when you eat half a honey stick, you are getting half the dosage. Believe it or not, 90%+ products tested on the market are NOT homogenized; which can be majorly bad news. In fact, we can nearly guarantee most if not all other CBD Honey products on the market are NOT homogenized. We use an exclusive, proprietary process to make sure homogenity is a PASS, everytime (you can see this on the COA lab reports.)

Heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, mold and mycotoxins, microbials, and foreign matter - All our source ingredients are tested and approved as clean and pure not containing any of the above contaminants.

Check out our COAs here.

*A COA is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various compounds in a hemp product. It protects you as a consumer, ensuring you are purchasing the beneficial compounds in hemp. 

Fortunately, Honey doesn’t go bad. If you’ve ever bought honey, you’ve probably seen it crystalize eventually – a chemical process that the specific batch of honey is either prone to do or it isn’t. The good news for us is that the Honey we use doesn’t crystalize (to date). It’s not a perfect science, so it’s hard to guarantee that, but in being produced for a few years, this is one of the only batches from our Honey producer that hasn’t.

With that, we give our products a conservative 2 year shelf life. Just remember to store them in a cool, dry place as you would any other honey or supplement.



Here at HEMPHONEY, we believe in happiness and health. We’re sure you’re going to love HEMPHONEY, but in case you don’t, we will happily issue a full refund of your first purchase for any product within 30 days of its delivery date for any reason . 100% guaranteed. No hassle. No return label. We ask that you give any unused product to a family member or friend to try.  Past the 30-day window, we reserve the right to process any returns or refunds at our discretion.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree that you understand that the products purchased, contain plant compounds from hemp oil. As these products have not been evaluated by the FDA, we make no claims as to any benefits from our products. If you decide to purchase our products, you do so based upon your own opinions as to any benefits these products may provide. 

If there's an issue with a product you received, please contact us by email at