Peter Inserillo DPT, CSCS
As a Entrepreneur I struggled with falling asleep because my mind was always racing, when you guys introduced The Goodnight sticks it changed my world. It changed how I slept and the quality of my sleep that carried over to my wellbeing the next day.ย 
Humberto Ontiveros from Miel Coffee
When things get complex in my life I take one Hemp Honey stick and it usually calms my nerves and gives me more courage to get through my day because I feel good and I feel better.
Carla Wirta from Bela Vida
We found these Hemp Honey sticks, we try them out and we love them. For us what stuck out was the proper dosage and the high quality of the ingredients, so we are confident in what we were putting into our body
Jason Pinette - US Army
I was looking for something a little easier and more discrete, something that I can add into a tea or put on my ice cream. Hemp Honey was that product for me.
Phyllis DiGioia - LCSW
CBD products have now become right at the forefront of those natural meansย that we recommend. Hemp Honey is one of those brands.
Dylan Giguere
Hemp Honeyย is a much different experience than having a Snickers candy bar to get blood glucose than having a Hemp Honey stick.
Justin "The Fort" Sumter
Taking Hemp Honey allowed me to have the energy to wake up instead of taking that cup of coffee.
Patrick N
Hemp Honey works for me and I really enjoy being part of the Hemp Honey family!