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Extra strength relaxation. Reduce stress with best selling cinnamon vanilla L-Theanine honey. 

workday friendly


✓ Made in the USA

✓ USDA Organic Hemp Extract

✓ Raw National Forest Honey

✓ Third Party Lab Verified


  • Fast acting
  • Promotes a noticeable feeling of relaxation without drowsiness
  • Eases nervousness due to work and everyday fatigue
  • Reduces stress, nervous irritability, restlessness and the negative effects of caffeine
  • Improves mental focus learning, performance and concentration
  • Helps restore mental alertness and wakefulness
  • Reduces errors and increases attention
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Diminishes normal symptoms and supports healthy attitudes during PMS
  • Reduces the negative side effects of caffeine
  • Eases stress related behavior in pets

    Suntheanine is high purity L-theanine produced by fermentation that mimics the natural processes in green tea leaves. It is recognized as one of the most effective ingredients for stress, relaxation and improved quality of sleep. When combined with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract the biochemical evidence for improving brain function are sound. 

    L-theanine activates the glutamatergic system affecting nervous system communication; while cannabinoids activate receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The glutamatergic and endocannabinoid systems work together to modulate various biochemical pathways and ultimately brain function. The combination of Suntheanine + CBD provides a unique formula that delivers a powerful one, two punch!


    How to Use

    Taking it Straight: Recommended for best results. Follow directions to open.

    Mixing into Drinks: RELAX in AM coffee and 

    GOOD NIGHT in PM with chamomile or peppermint tea. 


    Raw Honey from a National Forest in Colorado, premium USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, CBG, and Suntheanine L-Theanine (non-drowsy). Blended with 

    Madagascan vanilla bean and the world’s 'best cinnamon' from Sri Lanka

    <1mg THC per stick

    30 Servings Per Pack

    The Foundation of Every Product

    The base of every HEMPHONEY product is USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD blended and homogenized evenly with national forest raw honey. It harnesses the full range of the phytonutrients found naturally in the hemp plant, without synthetically removing any elements. Rather, the work is done on vertically integrated farms perfecting genetics and sustainable, organic farming practices for a premium, healthy, trustworthy and affordable product that works.

    Find Your Dose

    Cannabinoids like CBD and CBG interact differently in every body. To begin your journey: start low, go slow, and find your best dose.

    We recommend using 1 to 2 sticks to start. The range is 1/2 to 3 sticks per dose.

    The Entourage Effect

    Whole plant power.

    Our products contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in the hemp plant – which enhances efficacy and value through the Full Spectrum “Entourage Effect." Learn more in our FAQ.

    Full Spectrum CBD

    HEMPHONEY contains non-psychoactive trace amounts of Δ9THC below 0.3% volume.

    A single serving 25MG dose contains 0.5-0.8MG of Δ9THC. A microdose is generally considered 2.5MG+, which would be 3-5 honey sticks.

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